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Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birhtday to......ME

Hello is my 48th birthday so I thought I would show you some oldies but goodies. What was it about the 60's that made parents dress their kids the same...did they all secretly want twins or could they not pass up a good deal when they saw it in every size and pass it down for generations? And as always, comments are welcome...but I might not approve them (hehe)
can' believe I am showing this one
me, my gran and my sister...aren't I cute with my bonnet

the legs are still the same but now you know why I don't
wear dresses any more
my friend, me, & my sister (looks like I cut my own
bangs...or my sister did it for me)

there are no words for this one....I am on the right. Can
you guess which one is my sister?

me on the evil sister on the right
(she REALLY wants my cookie)

Thanks for going down memory lane with me....have a great day everyone


  1. What a blast! I love all of the pics! I think we need to blow a couple of those up poster size for your 50th! I will be there with bells on (and nothing else). Happy Birthday my friend!

    Love, April

  2. Happy Birthday Cheryl!!!!!
    Well, it's only 4:30 right now so you are not officially 48 for about another 35 minutes.(I should know!!!!) So enjoy the rest of 47 while you can!!!!! And, yes, you do look real cute in your wee bonnet!!!But you especially look great in that red & white one piece spandex number!!!!
    Have a wonderful birthday & a super year!!!
    Love, Mom

  3. Thanks mom
    I was waiting to be born during my favourite meal...dessert. And that is why it is better to wear holds it all in, or so I thought.

  4. Thanks Pril
    bells on and nothing else....hehehe....just like your birthday.
    We need cake and coffee soon.

  5. Great photos Cheryl! I love the one of
    the three of you in front of the tree.
    the hairdos are fab!!
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


  6. Happy Birthday Sister. I love the outfits. It's like looking into a mirror


  7. Way too cute - love that you were brave enough to share those precious photos (you'll NEVER see mine...!!!) Hope you had a fabulous day!



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