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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

cooler than ice cream...quilled ice cream cone

 Good morning's card is a calorie-free ice cream cone...the best kind.

The hardest part of making cards for me is what words to put on the card. I get my ideas from the internet, my family or just come up with them myself but I also get ideas from the mass produced cards at a card shop.

I am always open to suggestions if you want to leave a comment of what you would have put on this card.

...thanks for stopping by and now go have an ice cream


  1. This is perfect just as it is! I love its simplicity and think it would be great for a summer birthday.

  2. I agree Ann...I tend to think less is more. I like the quilling to be the focus and not have a lot of competition going on with other elements.

    It would make a great summer birthday card.

  3. Очень красивая открыточка! Спасибо за участие в задании блога Творим вместе!))

  4. The above comment is in Russian and translates to

    Very beautiful postcard! Thank you for participating in the job blog created together


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