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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Angels...Blue and Green

Good morning peeps.....I am knee deep in making the nativities that are flying out my etsy door so not much new to share with you but here are a couple of Angels I made a few years back (you also may have seen them in my etsy store).


I still love these cute little angels so you might see them in a new card for this year....if I ever get the time. Over the next few post I will share some of my past quilled Christmas cards until I have new goodies to share.
have a great day


  1. Way to go on selling all those nativities. Doesn't surprise me that you're selling them like hotcakes though, they are fabulous. I really like the angels, those are darling. I really need to get going on stuff for Christmas or it's going to end up like last year, lots of ideas and nothing

  2. Lovely cards, Cheryl - and that's great news about the nativities.


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