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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Memory Card....for Shirley

Good morning everyone
I have been MIA lately because I am working on some custom Nativity Scenes as well as designing a line of  quilling pieces for someone who designs and makes scrapbooks by hand. I will share more info and pictures of these projects when I am finished but for now I have some memory cards to show you.

I have made cards for 3 special people who have celebrated milestone birthdays.The first one is for my "Aunt" Shirley who turned 60. She celebrated her birthday with a very colourful luau and everyone had a blast. Shirley is the youngest looking 60 I have ever seen and I hope to look {and act} so young when I celebrate mine. Thanks for the great party Shirl.

Stop by over the next few days to see the other two memory cards.
have a great day

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