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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quilling with recycle paper - tutorial

Hello everyone
I have always like the look of using old printed material (books, magazines, newspapers) in craft projects but don't use them often enough so after reading a post on the blog Simple Rhyme I was inspired to try it again. In the post,which you can read here, Asma talks about cutting your own quilling paper. We are spoiled in North America to be able to walk into our local craft stores and purchase what we need but a lot of quillers from around the world don't have the same luxury. Sooooo I thought I would try cutting my own strips and, at the same time, use recycle material.
  • I started out by finding a book with nice white pages....I didn't want one that was faded and brittle
  • next I tore some pages out of the book trying to keep as close to the spine as I could so none was wasted. 
  • then I trimmed around the edge of the pages to get rid of the margins
  • lastly cut the paper into strips.
 The first batch I cut (and shown in the picture above) were for fringing so they were about 1/2" wide. I also cut strips 1/8" wide for quilling. I made a pumpkin, fringed flower and a daisy like flower.

Here is the quilled flower but check back again and I will show the fringed flower and the pumpkin in posts to come.

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  1. Lovely! And so smart! Although I can't agree with you regarding buying good supplies ;), this book paper gives a very special and interesting look to your card. On the other hand, having enough pre-cut strips allows you to concentrate on creating instead of wasting time to cut strips :)

  2. Thanks Ina, I do like how they turned out. I do think it is much easier for North Americans to get what we want...and especially if you live in the US. Your 'local' store might be an online store but you can still get supplies. For us Canadians the shipping and duty kills us but if you live in the US ordering online is more reasonable. I am very lucky to work next door to a scrapbooking store that has taken my requests for more quilling supplies and run with it.

    I definitely would struggle to get projects done if I had to cut my own strips so I am really impressed with what Asma gets accomplished. I can not imaging making all of the Nativities I need for the Christmas season by cutting my own strips. I also learned how difficult it is to get the strips the same size.
    It was a great eye opener and I feel lucky to be able to get what I need
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. They look wonderful. Unfortunately, around here, none of the craft stores sell any quilling supplies. The only way I can get anything is by ordering online. Since I'm a very impatient person I frequently cut my own strips. When I first started out, I didn't want to waste the good paper so I cute a brown paper grocery bag. I actually liked the way it looked.

  4. I do a combination of both but am able to find more and more at my LSS.

  5. oooh... I LIKE it! Love the look of the text on your flower & can't wait to see the pumpkin, too :)

  6. Brown paper bag is an interesting idea...might have to try that tone Ann.

    Thanks for the comments Tara and Sihui...I like how it turned out too.


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