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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Let is snow....literally

I thought this card would be appropriate since we are getting a dump of  snow today which is not usual for Vancouver at this time of year. We CAN get snow but when you invite the world for the Olympics your chances are slim. This little guy looks SPARKLY and FROSTY with a hint of stickles on the white part of the quilling paper

...edited to add some pictures outside my front door

Tomorrow will be 8 degrees so this will all melt away....but I love it when it is here.
have a great day


  1. hi cheryl. oh, i can feel the coldness just by looking at this cute little snowman :D you've made a simple yet great snowman i ever seen in quilling. i really love the way you design his hat and red scarf as well as the glitters around his body. in one word, i describe this snowman as MAGICAL ^^

  2. I'm afraid I might be waking up to something a lot like that this weekend. I'm not ready for the snow. I love your snowman card though, it's so cute.

  3. looks cold! While the rest of us are basking in sunshine. It's so hot. Ps. am having a giveaway too, maybe you would enter?


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