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Monday, November 29, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award

Can you believe after less than a year at blogging {which I thought I would suck at so I avoided it at all costs} I received the stylish blogger award from Ann at Ann's Snap Edit & Scrap. Ann has been a faithful follower and commenter on my blog almost since the beginning so I appreciate the nod.  Please take a few minutes to check out her blog too.

Accepting this award, I am asked to do the following:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded me this award. {check}
  • Share 8 things about myself. {hmmmm very private but I can find something}
  • Pay it forward to 8 bloggers  that I have recently discovered {might have trouble just finding 8}
  • Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards. {check}

So here it goes.......
  1. my favourite colour is GREEN with orange as a close runner up{this is no surprise to some of you}
  2. I hate clutter
  3. I have always liked 'making things' but really started to get the bug to craft from my Auntie Bunny {nope not her real name} who did the craft circuit for many years on the prairies of Canada and also from my grandma who knitted all of her hundreds of grand-kids Indian sweaters and sock monkeys.
  4. I have a good sense of humour
  5. I started quilling in 2002 from taking an intro class at my local scrapbooking store and have never looked back.
  6. I LOVE Japanese food
  7. I work at the Disneyland of packaging....The Essential Packaging Store
  8. my family is everything {hopefully they are not reading this or they will figure me out}
  9. I LOVE to travel 
  10. I am CANADIAN....hence the reason for all of the 'ou' spelling 
  11. I like to break the 'rules' so I put down 11 reasons....which is also my favourite number

Now who to pass my nod on to {hmmmmm}...some are new to me some are not so new but all are favourites.

  1. Lin at Lin Handmade Greeting Cards
  2. Becca at Minifolk Lore
  3. Miyyah at Miyyah@kertas
  4. Janis at rust & ruffles
  5. Nati at NatiQuill Blog
  6. Asma Ahmad at Simple Rhyme 
  7. Leesandra at  The Sweet Spot
  8. Tatiana at Beautiful Things

Thanks Ann for thinking of my blog and for you wonderful comments....


  1. You are most wonderful. I've enjoyed your blog from the very first time I found it and you certainly deserve the award.
    Can't wait to check out all those blogs that you passed it along to. I love finding new places to visit.

  2. Chery dear....thank you so much for this award. I truly am thankful for it. Really appreciate it so much!!!! ;)

  3. Well, I must say that I love your blog too... Your personality really shines thru... I will check out your blogger award recommendations... Seems like you've got a great bunch of online friends from all over the world...

  4. P.S. Two more sleeps and I might be a lucky winner....

  5. Congrats on the award Cheryl! You deserve it =)

  6. Congrats on the nod, Cheryl - very deserving!! Mickey(David) and Minnie(me)are very blessed to have you working with us in the Magic Kingdom!


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