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Friday, December 31, 2010

A present....for me (Thanks Lin)

Hello everyone....I am not going to sign off for 2010 just yet (had you fooled didn't I). There is one last post I would like to share with you for this year which is a wonderful package that I received from Lin at Lin Handmade Greeting Cards. Lin was the winner of my blog candy giveaway which you can read about here and here so she sent me a nice gift in return....a wonderful Christmas card for me with a very sincere note inside and a Valentine's card for me to either give away or keep. I am definitely going to keep it.


...and take a look at Lin's printing. She has the most exquisite printing I have seen...I would love to print like this. (Lin...your own printing would look great on your cards)

It's great to see other quillers work in person and especially Lin's. I have always loved the look of her hand-cut (by shredder I think) paper which adds a nice detail to the edge. And her coils are super sturdy....I did not expect that from hand-cut paper. I've taken a lot of pictures so I can show you all of the details in Lin's cards and also because I wanted to test out the settings on my new camera too.

I love both cards Lin.....thanks so much and I hope you have a wonderful 2011


  1. Very nice cards Lin and of course Cheryl. You are both very talented. Thanks for sharing

    Happy New Year to all....

  2. Oh what a sweet surprise that must have been to get those. That teddy bear is just adorable. I would have chosen to keep it also :)

  3. Such very nice cards! I especially love the little, modern trees. Happy New Year, Cheryl and Lin!

  4. Hi Cheryl!

    I'm so happy to see that you have received the package already! Yay!! I've been wondering if you have received it yet or not. It's nice seeing the cards there at your place :).

    I'm so happy to know that you love my handwriting hehe! Some of my friends even think that I stamp the wordings on some of the cards I made instead of writing on it. LOL! That came as a surprise to me! I'm flattered as well hehe! :)

    Yes, I cut the paper using the mini paper shredder to make those quilled teddy bear and Christmas tree. I must say that I can't imagine doing quilling without the paper shredder now. It's so convenient! :) Do you cut your paper strips using razor blades or do you buy store pack quilling strips for quilling? I guess my quilled creations will always have those rough textures at the edges because I'm too lazy to cut the paper by hand and buying them would cost more money. So shredding is my best option for now :)

    Happy New Year Cheryl!!!! Hope you'll find more joy, happiness and success in the new year! :)

  5. Happy New Year to everyone.

    It is neat to see your cards on my mantle isn't it Lin. I do use store bought quilling paper...usually from Lake City Crafts. I work next door to a store that sells some of it and the rest I order on-line. It is quite reasonably priced here in Canada and even cheaper if you can buy it in the US. I would love to try the shredder though so maybe I will do that this year.


  6. The little christmas trees are adorable! They kinda remind me of cheeky little elves' hats.

    Merry christmas Cheryl and Lin!


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