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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Quilled Christmas Tree (Inspiration)

Hello everyone....thanks for stopping by today.

I have a question for my quilling followers....where do you get your inspiration for quilling designs?

I get a lot of  inspiration from other quillers which is what I love about our community. Most of us are not afraid to share our designs probably because it is really hard to duplicate a quilling piece exactly even if you have made it yourself. And that is the beauty of quilling...just like flowers and two are alike. I also get inspiration from books and kits but also from my travels in every day life.

A few weeks ago I was waiting in-line at Starbucks...for my grande, extra hot, non fat chai tea latte (because I don't drink coffee)...and saw an image on their sign of a Christmas tree made from 3 graduated circles which is on the bottom left hand corner of the image below. Of course I thought.....I could quill that.

So here it is

Next time I think I would have the stem of the tree attached to the circles....
Have a great day


  1. so cute and simple! The one with triangles would be adorable too- gotta love getting inspired by Starbucks :)

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  3. Thanks Tara...that is my style, cute and simple. The triangle one was very close to one I have done already (the link is below) but I still might try it too.

  4. That's a cute little tree. Every now and then I see something and think to myself "I bet that would work for quilling" Of course I'm not that good at it yet to try and wing something but maybe one of these days

  5. I usually get my ideas from other quillers online or designs i see in everyday life (much like your Starbucks inspiration!). But like Ann I still have to have a base for the design, I like to plan beforehand =) just so it doesn't turn into a disaster.

  6. That's great, Cheryl - and exactly how I get my inspiration, too! Check out this link to our local coffee shop chain:
    Wait for the logo slide to load and you'll see what I mean - a quiller's delight!!

  7. my sweet here. Welcome!


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