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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amore {quilled love birds}

~good morning everyone

as some of you know I have been lucky enough to receive 3 of Lin's cards and they are even more impressive in person. I especially like the love birds card so I thought since I had her card to look at, that I would make my own version. After seeing her cards I started to think that I should make my quilling a bit bigger and tried to do just that with quilled love birds.

I have to tell you that I wasted a lot of paper and it is not easy to 'copy' someone else's work even if you have it right in front of you. Her quilling paper seems more pliable and lighter in weight than what I have so she could get the shapes with a bit of a curve but mine were just points and very stiff on the ends. So I ended up making mine smaller {still larger than I normally do} but smaller than Lin's. And I made them all white....I like the monochromatic look if you haven't noticed.

Mine still aren't as curvy as Lin's so I added a bit of glitter....they are OK but are missing Lin's touch.
Enjoy your day



  1. I love it Cheryl! It's looks good especially with the shiny glitters on it!

  2. The glitter is a great touch, Cheryl! And you are too funny about the monochromatic look... yes, have noticed :) and it's one of the things I love-love-love about your work.

  3. Thanks have to go with what you like and then your best work shines through.

    Thanks so much for the inspiration Lin, they really were fun to make.

  4. Well they may not be like Lin's but they are fabulous if you ask me. I love the glitter on them.

  5. Cheryl, your cards are just lovely! I love all your quilling!

  6. Looks beautiful, Cheryl! I love the touch of glitter and am a big fan of monochromatic as well :)

  7. Cheryl. I love how your sparkly little birds look. Great job!

  8. I love your little "love birds"; it's too bad you had to struggle with a stiff paper. There are quilling strips (usually the ones sold in tubes) that are very heavy and very difficult to work with. Try making the birds with a lighter weight (text weight-just cut some strips to practice with)and you will see the problem was not with you, it was the paper.

  9. Loved the simplicity and elegance of this card. The hint of glitter was a great touch.


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