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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday...Debbie

Good morning all....and happy ground hog day. Not sure if he saw his shadow or not because this is a scheduled post but lets hope we are on our way into spring. Not much snow in Vancouver this year but we really need to dry out.

Here is a memory card I made for my Aunt and I can post her card today {her actual birthday} because I gave it to her early....she is in Copenhagen right now and I can only hope she is at the flagship store for Pandora Beads looking for one that I can't get here in North America.

The front of the card reads 'Debbie always was a two-fisted drinker' and inside it says 'too bad it's water and bbq sauce'. She did get a kick out of it and, of course, there is a bit of quilling on it. I had this little hat ready for just the right card and I think this was it.

Thank for checking in


  1. cute hat,love the picture and saying, how neat!

  2. Oh what a great card! No wonder she got a kick out of it - just perfect.

  3. What a great card that is. Love that little hat, it's adorable.
    Hope she finds the pandora bead. I just got one of those bracelets last year for Christmas and I love them.

  4. what a cute and lovely hat that is! I think I'll try it sometime =)

  5. How cute! Love that hat:)


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