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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~ birthday present

since I work in a packaging store 
I have access to a store full of awesome packaging *stuff*

 so I thought I would show you how 
I wrapped my mom's birthday gift

 I took a 5" box and wrapped it with Flora Wisteria gift wrap
just like they do in the movies
where you can open it without ripping the paper off
if I don't wrap it this mom doesn't want to open it
and she can always use it again

 inside was a smaller box tied with a bow
and inside that was a box with Pandora earrings inside

needless to say
she loved her *packaging*
and the gift too



  1. Very beautiful gift and "packaging"! Happy Birthday for your mother!

  2. That has got to be the prettiest package I have ever seen. What a great gift inside as well. Those are really pretty. I have a Pandora bracelet I may have to mention to my husband that they have earrings too :)

  3. Beautiful ribbons and love the colored package!

  4. I love presents that always look too pretty to open! Beautiful!


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