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Saturday, April 9, 2011

~ happy birthday mom

 ~ happy birthday mom ~

today is my mom's 70th birthday

for those of you following my blog for a while
you know I like to make memory cards for family and friends
the first memory card I made many years ago was for my mom
so she has a shelf full of them over the years

and the funnier the better

this picture is of my mom dressed as a wench at a pirate themed family reunion
all of us were dressed up but I won't show those pictures

and of course there is a bit of quilling on the card

 have a wonderful birthday mom
love cheryl


  1. Thats such a beautiful card!
    Lots of good wishes to your mom for her birthday :)

    Hugs <3

  2. That card is fantastic. I totally love it. Cool picture of your mom and the quilling looks awesome.

  3. The flowers look very special and a very happy birthday to your mom.

  4. such a pretty bouquet! I love the simple colour scheme, and I'm sure your mom will adore this card, too :)

  5. wonderful card. flowers are amazing!

  6. Beautiful card! I loved the flowers!

  7. LOVE the flowers... Awesome work... I tried my hand on it here. Thanks for the inspiration :)


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