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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~ for the Bride - quilled wedding dress

 ~ good morning

you may remember I made the prototype 
for this wedding dress a while ago a long with a tuxedo

I just got around to making more dresses to put on cards


I decided to leave the tuxedo for later
and just make this a wedding shower card

and {of course} there is a bit of bling too

~ thanks again for stopping by to check out what I am up to



  1. very pretty, love the bling, adds nice touch!!!

  2. Well it is all about the bride anyway right? Love the card and the bling

  3. One word describes this "BEAUTIFUL"

  4. Gorgeous Cheryl! Love, love the white on white and touch of bling. Perfect card, I love your dress design. ~Molly


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