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Sunday, May 22, 2011

~ I've got a new toy {letterpress}

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I have seriously been wanting one of these for ages
and finally bit the bullet a few weeks ago

letterpress printing is where ink is pushed  into the
page using a plate, creating a debossed effect

I used 100% cotton letterpress paper from Envelopments
{which is a soft, heavy matte cardstock}

I played around with it for a while before I had cards worth sharing
but in the end I think they looked OK

the technique is quite easy to do but it took me a few
tries to get the ink impression like I wanted it
if you look close you can see the debossed impression in the paper

I didn't buy extra plates yet so I am limited to the ones that came in the kit
but I will be adding to my collection

in the end I really loved the kit and the technique
but I did find the cleanup of the ink frustrating 
and suggest if you do buy one to get the cleaning cloths as well

I was really only looking for the started kit {that doesn't come with the rolling machine}
because I was told it works in the cuttlebug but found the impression
is slightly better {for me anyway} using the epic 6 machine that comes with the package

maybe once I get it to work better in my cuttlebug I will sell the epic 6
so I can buy more dies

~ cheryl


  1. Happy for you, it looks really neat!!!

  2. Welcome to the wonderful world of letterpress printing!

  3. it is so fun to get new toys... have fun.

  4. oh boy a new toy, how fun. too bad there is clean up involved with it :) That looks very nice though. It gives it a very professional look. I see you doing amazing things with that

  5. Lovely! Can't wait to see what else you'll do with it. I'm pretty sure Jessica at How About Orange reviewed this press... she had a bit of trouble at first too, as I recall.

  6. Ann is right, Cheryl. I have one of these, too but I have never gotten into it because of the mess. But there is a website out there that makes customized dies that are supposedly way better than the ones that Lifestyle Crafts makes. You should definitely look into them. I got the wipes and they dried up :/ can't wait to see what else you make. Maybe you'll inspire me to dust mine off and use it. ;)

  7. Thanks info ladies.....before I bought the machine I sourced out boxcar press where you can get custom plates {which happens to be the same place recommended on how about orange} so I think that will be my next step. Maybe they have info on the clean up too. Boxcar press also has a great post on the L letterpress machine and how to make it work better. Check it out before you make a go at it again Sandy....there are some really good tips.

    It is definitely not what it is all cracked up to be but I will give it a rest for a bit then try it again. I think if I have problems with any of the pieces or plates I will let them seems they are good at replacing them.


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