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Saturday, May 7, 2011

~ mother's day ...quilled girl


~ good morning
here is the second mother's day card I whipped up the other day

 I couldn't think what else to put on the cards so I just left it blank
but her personality does shine so maybe not much else is needed

now I need to get started on the 
mother's day and birthday memory cards that I need to make

I'll show them too if they turn out ok
~ cheryl


  1. I like! The little bit of shine is a great touch.

  2. very nice as always,love your cards!!!!

  3. Beautiful card!!! :-)

  4. I like it just the way it is. It's adorable

  5. loikeeeee!!!

    I got to d frame for this lil' girl for her birthday. This is awesome. Ur always inspires me Cheryl... Thanks ;)

  6. I think the card is perfect. Yes her personality says it all and nothing else needed. I love how you show all your work with the parakeet on the cage! Thanks for sharing, you *are* inspiring :) hugs, xo ~Molly


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