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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~ quilled mustache father's day card

~ good morning
the carnival theme has been really popular lately with invitations and themed parties
and I received an invite recently that was the inspiration for this card

{I had this idea swirling around in my head but put it to paper when I got the invite}

mix up your fonts {some caps, some lower case}
add a quilled mustache
{and for my quilling readers, you know there is nothing easier to quill}

and you have a carnival themed father's day card

I have another one to share next time so be sure to check back

~ cheryl


  1. It's so lovely! great idea:-)

  2. Very cute! And the combination of the letters is a very good idea! Like it!

  3. Great idea! Old fashioned carnivals and mustaches just seem to go together.

  4. oh how cute,also love the lettering!!!

  5. now that is a great father's day card. There is a guy who comes in the store I work at that has a mustache like that. You don't see many of those around here. His just curls right up on the ends :)

  6. too fun! I love it :) the moustache craze is growing on me for sure!

  7. Really fun to quill! I loved your idea, I always find it too difficult to make a card for a man. Your ideas seams so simple ( but, they are not ) and so effective. I love to stop by your blog, it's always so cheerful. Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is so fun... you font choice is fantastic too! :)

  9. This is a great idea ... its fantastic <3

  10. This is awesome, you are very talented! Although what is on the inside of the card


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