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Thursday, May 12, 2011

~ quilled toad {or frog}

 ~ good morning

continuing with the animal {or in this case, reptile} theme
I have a *toadally* awesome birthday card to share

the quilled frog is a very simple design
so I added a few elements in photo shop
to *tell the story*

 have a *toadally* awesome day
~ cheryl


  1. Amazing... love your captions !!!

    Do u print these or have stamps for them??

  2. that IS toadally awesome. What a cute card

  3. So cute! The bird is looking at the toad kinda funny, and probably thinking, "What the heck are you?!"

  4. Hihi! What a cute little frog! I like how well it blends in with the printed water and leaves behind it.


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