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Monday, June 27, 2011

~ quilled cherry blossoms...

here is another card I have had swirling around in my head to do
I have seen a lot of other quillers quilling cherry blossoms and have always loved them

this card also has a combination of photo shop and quilling
which makes them a lot quicker to do

and if you are going to sell your cards they can't be labour intensive
or you will not make enough money to buy more quilling paper

and that is what it is all about isn't it....accumulating more paper

have a beautiful day   :)))
~ cheryl


  1. WOW! Beautiful card Cheryl.

  2. With this card you made my day really beautiful! I love how you made your cherry blossom!

  3. Really lovely - the three colors of blossoms add such nice interest. You have a knack for combining Photoshop with just the right amount of quilling.

  4. I agree with Ann,it's gorgeous, love the flow of it!!

  5. This is a very elegant card, Cheryl. I'm sure it will sell well. Totally agree with you about them not being too labour-intensive!

  6. Really pretty, Cheryl! I love cherry blossoms, too. The design is so soft and pretty. Thanks for sharing! You've been on a roll lately! Keep 'em coming! ;)

  7. Cheryl, those are beautiful. The photoshopped background was a great idea. It really works well here.


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