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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~ quilled coffee {or tea} cups

~ good morning

last week I was asked to make a birthday card with 2 coffee cups on it
my first attempt looked more like beer mugs
{so now I have another quilled item for masculine cards...yeah}

but attempt no. 2 was much better since I went for more of the
short rounded latte cups rather than a tall coffee cups

 and now I thinks it's time for a
chai tea latte for me
enjoy your day
 ~ cheryl 


  1. Great card! LOVE the coffee cups :-) I have never tried quilling, but just wanted to let you know your work is beautiful and I enjoy looking at all your cards! -Sam :-)

  2. I like it. I bet your beer mugs even looked great :)
    Now I believe I need a cup of coffee

  3. So nice cups! Love them and the colour of the paper :)

  4. Looks great, Cheryl - your cups turned out really well!


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