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Friday, June 10, 2011

~ with this ring - quilled wedding rings

do you struggle with re-making cards you have made before...I do
not sure why but I always like to be creating something new

when I was recently asked to make a simple yet elegant wedding card
I decided to revisit a card I made a while ago

why not make more of the *with this ring* card 
 since it was so popular

if I do make a card from a design that I have done before 
I at least change the colour and shapes a bit
{like yesterday's card}
but this one is exactly the same
{well I did change the font...had to give my creative juices SOMETHING to work with}

enjoy your day
~ cheryl


  1. June is sure a good month to work on those wedding cards. Love this one and the one in your last post. If you struggled it sure doesn't show in your card

  2. Lovely and elegant card! Love the gemstone you put on the ring! I am struggling with the new ones for sure :)


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