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Saturday, July 23, 2011

~ friends are flowers.....

~ hello loyal readers

just a quick post today {like they aren't always}
because I am on my way to work
{ to push my cards hehe}

but I thought I could quickly get this post done to show you 
the second card I made from the fringed flowers

I love the POP of yellow on the mixed in with the white

this is a bit of a frou-frou (as in frilly) card for me 
but I do need some of these in the mix too

not sure what I will have for you next
I have been going great guns at quilling pieces

but I am sure I will come up with something

~ cheers


  1. This is a beautiful card Cheryl.. I just love it...!!

  2. HI Cheryl! I love your cards. I am fairly new at quilling. Do you use a fringer for your fringe flowers? Or do you do them by hand? I love the fringe flowers but they are such a pain to cut and fringers are so $$!

  3. Oh Cheryl, I was thinking to that machine that makes fringed strips and I was wondering how good it is... You answered to me yesterday.
    I love the way yellow and white go together. Beautiful work, and, like always I love your ideas.

  4. That is a really pretty card. I got my fringer in the mail today and was playing with it this afternoon. I finally was able to make a fringed flower that didn't look

  5. this is simply beautiful! love it :D

  6. Wow really gotgeous, love the little bit of yellow added in, it really inhances the design!!!

  7. Really pretty and such a graceful flow to the design.

  8. Thanks everyone....I did all of the fringing by hand. I have a fringer machine but I actually prefer to do it by hand {at least for the wider paper) but it would be hard to fringe the 1/8" paper by hand.

    If I am brave enough I will do a video tutorial very soon.

  9. Very beautiful and exquisite card!

  10.'s so soft and touched...i love it.. :)

  11. WOW Cheryl!! They are gorgeous!! Love the elegance in the simplicity!!

  12. your work is so beautiful and so delicately I look back with pleasure
    Greetings Baukje


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