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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

~ splish splash {quilled bath tub}

~ good morning
as promised I have acted on the splish splash song swirling around
in my head and have come up with this little cutie

and it was another way to use the teeny tiny
loose coils that I make for my quilled sheep

I quilled 6 of them and no two are the same
{and not for lack of trying}

...and there are so many lines from the song to use so I did a 
couple of different versions with the wording

makes me want to go have a bubble bath

and Ann you guessed it right but no rubber ducky
....maybe next time
enjoy your day


  1. That is sooo cute :) makes me want to go have a bubble bath too ;)

  2. So amazing, absolutely lovely.

  3. Oh Cheryl, you are so creative! Love your cards!

  4. oh how cute it is. Love the color choice there for the wording and the shower head. I'll keep my eye out for that rubber


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