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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

~ happy happy birthday {stacked prezzies}

~ thanks for following a long on my little weekend away
we had a fantastic time and I took oodles of pictures of that fantastic few

but now we are back to our regularly scheduled program

here is a stack of quilled prezzies with a flourish on the top
and it is done in 1/4" strips

I love all {well most} of my quilling 
but this one is right at the top of my favourites

 I think it is the flourish on the top
I can see making many more of these 
in all of the colours under the rainbow

thanks for stopping by
it might be on the quiet side around here for a while 
since I am quilling all of the pieces for the nativity and animals
there are A LOT of pieces and the animals take a while to finish

but I do hope to have the odd card thrown in here there
~ cheryl


  1. love the bow!, cant wait to see your nativity, bet its gorgeous!!

  2. thanks Paula...I love it too

    you can see the nativity here and here

  3. You surprise me again and Beautiful!
    Greetings Baukje

  4. It's so cute. I love the little flourish on the top. I can see why you like this so much.

  5. Lovely card Cheryl...


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