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Monday, August 29, 2011

~ quilled bunny

 ~ I have a couple more special request cards to show you
...for this first card I was asked to quill a furry bunny

it started to feel like Easter when I was making this card
but you have to go with what the customer wants
and his wife REALLY likes bunny's

and I don't usually show the client a card in progress
I like it best when they give you an idea and they see what you come up with
it is truer to your style and what you want to 'put out there'

 but since his request was so specific I let him take a peek
and he wanted to tweak it a bit and have 2 feet showing

 to me it looks a bit odd with two feet when the perspective is from the side
but that is what he wanted {and he loved how it turned out}
so you have to do what the client wants

and those are his words too....
{I was thinking he was a romantic or was in the dog house}

I'll show you the other one next time
~ cheryl


  1. maybe he's a romantic who's in the dog It's a very cute bunny

  2. lol, hopefully he was trying to be romantic.
    The bunny is so cute,feet do look a little awkward, but if he likes it thats what counts, love the tiny flowers, reall adds to the card!!!

  3. Very cute bunny and love the little flowers! Hope he is just very romantic :)

  4. Wow, you do such beautiful fringing! The little tulips, grass, and bunny are so sweet, no wonder he was happy with it.

  5. Cheryl, I love all your quilled animals! You never seem to run out of fresh ideas! Great work!!!


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