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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

~ happy birthday ang...

~ here is a memory card I was asked to make recently
it was a great picture to work with
and I love pink and grey quilling together

a few days after making the card I noticed a mark above the 'flame'
it must have happened while sitting on my table

sooooo I used my fingernail to get it off but it only made it worse
then I tried white out {bad idea}
then I tried a white pen {whiter than the paper}
and I was literally on my way to deliver it

I could not have been more frustraited
after going through my stash for *something* to cover it up,
the bling already on the card caught my eye
so I covered it up with 3 of the same blings
{don't think blings is a word but it fits}

moral of the story
don't pick a black mark off a white card with your fingernail
just cover it from the start
I am sure you all have similar stories

~ cheryl


  1. Beautiful card. The quilling was perfect!

  2. Such a cute card. I've scrapped entire projects over a little mark. I finally realized that it's just as easy to cover it up with something.

  3. So pretty. I think the third bit of bling was meant to be... somewhere I read about a design rule that says things usually look best in odd numbers.

  4. you are right Ann and I always do the same with working in odd numbers.

    I originally only put two on because they are placed on two stars that are a part of the font
    so it was meant to be

  5. wonderful what a beautiful creation!
    Greetings Baukje

  6. So lovely! I really like the colors and design.

  7. Lovely card! Liked your personal touch to your creative cards putting the life into it! :-)


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