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Saturday, January 21, 2012

~ quilled christmas tree #1

~ thanks for all of the positive comments about showing my Christmas cards

I am either very late or really early
I choose the latter

oh well.....better late than never

 this is the first of two rocket ships {ooops I mean} trees I made this year
it didnt turn out as well as my sketch did
sometimes what looks good conceptually doesn't translate well

but I sold them all so somebody like them
the tick is to have each piece line up in size to the one above
 but that was harder than I thought
oh well....I loved the colour
~ cheryl


  1. perfect shapes, so neat and simple, easy on the eyes!!!

  2. Well I happen to like your Christmas trees. Getting things to match in size is something I have a very hard time with

  3. :) it's cute, Cheryl. No wonder you sold them all.


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