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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

~ hello birthday {quilled hello kitty}

~ good morning
just a quick post today to show you another hello kitty card
you might remember this post where I quilled hello kitty for a wedding shower card

since last August I've had it in my mind to make more
but his time a birthday card so this is called 'hello birthday'

when I was in the middle of quilling the new cards I was contacted via etsy
to ask if I was making more {love when that happens}
she had no idea that I was in the middle of making them

another beautiful day in Vancouver
so I am calling today 'hello sunshine'

hmmm....that sounds like another card to me
~ cheryl


  1. OHHHH how cute, love her, congrats with the call, yes that would make a great day!!!

  2. very cute and perfect timing on making them

  3. Absolutely Adorable!!! :-)

  4. Me and my cat loves a lot your cat (the pink is so sweet)

  5. Very love your hello kitty, I plan to make one for my friend wedding who is a kitty fan on the coming December, try to do many time but fail, do you mind to share me the intruction?

  6. Hi Mee Fung

    you didn't leave a reply email so I will just respond here to let you know that I don't have the instructions written down on how to do this hello kitty card. It would be very hard to tell you what I did electronically so I am going to gracefully bow out. If you really want one you can buy a card from my etsy site.



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