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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~ S.W.A.K

~ happy valentine's day
I saved the last {but not least} of my valentine's cards especially for today
I quilled these lips a while a go and they were just sitting on my desk waiting to be loved

 Charlotte from The Art of Quilling posted quilled lips recently too 
our {quilled} lips look similar except hers are made from 
1/8" paper and mine are from 1/4" paper

check out her lips here if you haven't yet
her cards are adorable and I love the quote on the lips card


and {just in case you don't know} S.W.A.K. stands for 
sealed with a kiss

happy valentine's day


  1. a real loving valentine card
    Greetings Baukje

  2. I love your card (like always). First it seemed to me full of passion, while reading aboy yhe letters it seemed romantic.
    Happy Velentines - Anca

  3. Uniquely done..Love its simplicity..

  4. very cute card. Happy Valentines Day

  5. Such a cute card, Cheryl. The lips are perfect!

  6. awwww.. it's so it..


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