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Friday, May 4, 2012

~ quilled mother's day tree

~ good morning
here is the second of the Mother's Day cards I made this year

this isn't a new design for me {here is the green version}
but it is a totally new spin on it being all in pink

as you can tell by my logo I have a thing for pink trees
well not just pink trees but something 'out of the ordinary'
something unexpected I guess is what I mean

and I think a pink tree is unexpected, unique and out of the ordinary
{other than cherry blossoms, but they are gone quickly}

and if you've been to my blog before 
you will know I love a touch of bling on my cards

I was lucky enough to have this card be a part of
a local photo shoot

I'll share the pictures with you when I get them

~ cheryl


  1. Piękna karteczka... bardzo mi się podoba.
    Pozdrawiam Gabi...

  2. Красота!Харесвам вашите картички!Много са елегантни!

  3. the most lovely tree I have seen!

  4. thats a gorgeous the pink n grey combo

  5. Beautiful and inspiring! Lovely work Cheryl

  6. Make me smile. Beautiful tree!!

  7. congrats on the shoot, this is really awesome love the pink and bling, great job!!!

  8. This is the cutest EVER! Love the pink tree top and bit of bling you used. Very nice card, Cheryl!

  9. Hi Chris
    thanks for your interest in my quilling but unfortunately I don't do tutorials at this time. I work as well so I find that I just don't have the time to do them. My advice to you would be to practice, practice, practice. I started quilling in 2001 so it has taken me a while to get to where I am and to develop my 'style'. I know it will come for you too.

    You don't have your email address visible so this is the only way I could reply to you so I hope you get it.



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