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Monday, June 11, 2012

~ mother's day card {two}

 ~ as is my mother's day card for my mom
all of the funky stuff in the picture was added with photo shop

like the umbrella, pink glasses, flowers with mom text
all EXCEPT for the big bling ball necklace
yes she was actually wearing it

she certainly has a great sense of humour for a 71 year young lady
she is with us in Paris so I think we will have a blast

oh and by the is my 50th
 I'm eating cake and drinking champagne with my mom :)



  1. great card, love all the added things, I thought you added the beads around her neck, wow.
    happy 50th Birthday, hope its agreat one and have many many more . bet you'll have a blast with your mom, she looks like she's fun to be with!!!

  2. Hey,

    Many Many Happy Returns of the day...

    the card is just gorgeous...cant believe she is wearing the gold bead necklace....

    I missed couple of your post last week, but im glad i caught this one....

  3. That is one fun looking necklace, I hope it's not as heavy as it I bet you're having a blast


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