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Monday, June 10, 2013

~ quilled 3d kitchen scene

 ~ here is another 3d quilled scene
these are challenging to do but I love making them

  the hardest part is taking pictures of them and they certainly don't do them justice

 Marie is the baker of the family and she loved her quilled scene

and for those of you who want to enter to win my quilled 
oxen I have modified the rules
all you have to do is like my facebook page because lots 
of people can't figure out how to comment or don't have an account

enjoy your day
~ cheryl


  1. this is really awesome, love the doll!!!!
    Is there any patterns for her and where can I get it?.

    1. sorry Paula....its all in my head. I just went for it and got it the first shot. Don't think I could do it exactly the same again but I have another one to do so we will see how it goes.

  2. How awesome is this!!! Loving all the tiny details, like the open oven door with the towel, the rug on the floor, curly hair, cookies and I could go on!


  3. love it and yes i love it! love all the details! hope to see your next project soon!


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