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Monday, September 9, 2013

~ quilled bride and groom sheep frame

  wow....has it really been that long since I last blogged
well I have been blogging.... and lots of it
but not for me

my parents took a trip across Canada and back through the US
and I've been ghost blogging for them...if you want to check out the blog go here....

it's been fun and I've learned a lot about North American geography along the way
but I have still been quilling and I have a gem I've been wanting to blog about for a long time
and now it has been received.... in Greece, I can share it

it started with an email from Alex in Greece, a drawing and a frame

first thing I did was make the guests of honour....the bride and the groom
then I placed them in the frame and added paper cutouts of what was left to quill

Alex was specific which really helped me out - she wanted
quilling in a a painting but quilled

black sheep with a hat and a bow tie as the groom
white sheep with glitter veil or holding a bouquet as the bride

small farm house

a tree, a flower, clouds, sun

both on a bike with cans?
write something or leave it plain or just married , 7th September 2013 

Vassiliki & Sotiris (bride & groom)


 so this drawing turned into this quilled wedding frame
the hardest part for me was figuring out how to have something in the foreground
with other things in the background so I cut strips of the same coloured paper
in to curves to represent rolling hills and I think it worked

and voila  ... the final product mailed to Alex in Greece

after quite a few nail biting weeks I received this note from Alex
and to say it made my day is an understatement....

Hi Cheryl,

just opened your package. It is a masterpiece! Girl, you rock! I am speechless! I love it! Now you can post it so everyone can admire it!

Thank you soooo much! I know my friend will love it! Love the sheep, love the trees, love everything!!! I did expect it to be good, but it is so so so....... Good! It is damn excellent. 
thank you, thank you, thank you!



  1. Best feeling ever to get awesome feedback like that! You did awesome with those hills. It's really cute!

  2. That is one satisfied customer and one amazing piece of art

  3. Amazing work, wonder how you handle white so well, I always dirty my whites!!

  4. yeah the curves sure give it a feeling of from far to near. it's a nice piece! can't stop loving those sheep!

  5. this is so adorable, love the sheep there so cute, who wouldnt love it !!!!

  6. What a beautiful sentiment Cheryl. It turned out great!


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