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Friday, January 9, 2015

happy birthday Krystal

... and the theme continues

 only a couple more to show you


  1. Hi Cheryl!
    I'm a big fan of your work. You're sooooo talented I'm at awe!
    I want to start making cards too ergo I have some questions:)
    How do you make a ring like that (like the head)? I was trying to do that but it is so hard:/
    What about the sings on the cards. Are they printed or done by hand?
    Please help me, teach me I want to learn:)

  2. Hi Magda
    thank so much for your wonderful comments :)) . I could not email you directly so I am answering your questions here.

    It has taken me many years of quilling to get to where I am so be patient and it will come to you too. The head was made by wrapping 3mm quilling paper around a small bottle and gluing the end. I probably used 1/2 a strip as I rarely measure anything. I print and design all of my cards on my computer in Microsoft Word. That too has taken me years of trial and error to get it to where I was happy with it.

    My advice to you for the quilling is just practice, practice, practice and to make sure you only sell designs that are completely yours and not cased from another quiller. We all get inspiration from each other but don't sell anything that is not yours to sell. If you are not familiar with a word processing program then you will need to learn one to print on cards. I am sure there are classes you can take. Once you learn how to use it the cards will be easy to make.

    happy quilling


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