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Sunday, September 26, 2010

My brother went to Japan and all I got was.......

washi tape....and lots of it. How lucky am I. 

I had asked my brother to look out for washi tape on his travels so when he saw a craft store he went on the hunt. The store was crammed full of product and a bit on the messy side and no one spoke english. He asked for washi and they took him to a bolt of fabric then they indicated that they didn't have any so he stared to leave when he decided to turn around and look for was full of stuff so he thought they've got to have it. And they did.
He didn't know what colour or pattern to get so he bought one of each, and some origami paper too...what a good brother (thanks Rich). I am going to have a  lot of fun playing with it. Take a look.......


edited to add: I have been getting questions on what is washi tape and my best explanation is masking tape for scrapbookers and card makers (narrower and in way better colours)


  1. wow! they are so many, cheryl! >.< if i got this, i'll be end up only staring at those since i don't know which one to use first. hehe :P

  2. What does washi tape do? How did he find it? And how did he ever know what to look for?

    I'm so glad I asked for diamonds..

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  4. You could use it for anything sticks to walls and metal and anything masking tape sticks to but better colours. I asked him to look for it before he went. We googled it so he had an idea and he was well versed before he left.
    Sorry but he could not find any diamonds in Japan....all out.

  5. that is right...what a dilemma I have on which one to use first

  6. I've never heard of washi tape but oh my how cool. Your brother deserves a huge hug for bringing home such a great treat. :)

  7. OK Cheryl - sounds like a road trip to me.
    Start packing!

  8. so cool! I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  9. Well, I just learned something new. If I had heard about Washi tape before reading your post I would have thought it was tape for washing ;-) I'd love to have some of that!


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