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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lin with her Nativity

Hello everyone

Lin from Lin Handmade Greeting Cards posted some pictures of her with the Nativity she won here from my blog candy contest. I love seeing where my little creations end up.....

Thanks for the awesome pictures Lin....


  1. the nativity looks really nice on her shelf and just look at that big smile on her face. You can tell that she really loves it

  2. I hadn't realized that the nativity was that size (I had imagined it bigger). So cute!

  3. LOVE this post.. It's great to see how crafting can bring the world together...

  4. Thank you Cheryl for posting the photos here in your blog! Nice seeing it at someone's else blog :). I must say that I LOVE the quilled angel the best!! That's why I took a close up photo of it hehehe! It's beautiful! And all of them are so cute!! :)


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