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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow day

Good morning everyone
I thought I would show you what we woke up to here today. Vancouver mostly gets rain but some days we are lucky enough {I think so anyway} to get a dump of snow. Today I don't mind it because I am off work and get to stay home to make cards and quill. I might not be so happy if I had to work...though it is raining now and the BIG MELT is on. I had to grab my camera and take some pictures before it is all yucky slush.

Also on a side note....THEY say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so check out this post here on Elizabeth's blog {Twirled Peace}to see a version of my Nativity. I hadn't known Elizabeth had made one but stumbled across it when Elizabeth added my nativity to her favourites on Etsy. I then noticed she had a blog and checked it out {I am always looking for new quilling blogs}.  

I have a sketch very similar to the Nativity Elizabeth made to use as a tree ornament {with out the add-ons}so it was interesting to see how Elizabeth had done it. And, as Elizabeth says in her post....I also prefer the 'off' white which is the paper I use in mine. 

edited to add: I meant to say as well that this is what I find great about the quilling community....that we share ideas and inspire each-other to continue with the craft that we love. It is always nice when you are given credit too as Elizabeth did.

I finally have a card to share for my next post so be sure to check back again.

Have a great day 


  1. You are lucky to get snow (i think) i live in right on the equator where is very hot! The nativities are very very beautiful and intricate.

  2. Snow is so pretty, especially if you don't have to drive in it! Enjoy your quilling time today.

  3. Cheryl!! The pics are amazing!! I really never see snow!! Now we are at the summer, but with a lot of rain and it´s being very hard in some cities.

    I agree with you when you say that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" since the person who is imitating give the credit to the artist, like Elizabeth did.

    Have a marvellous week!

  4. We woke up to a ton of snow this morning but instead of getting rain now we are only getting more snow. Driving was not fun this morning.
    That is quite flattering to have your work imitated and it's nice to see her giving you the credit for the inspiration. Hers turned out very nice.
    Enjoy your day off


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