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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~ surely you jest {quilled jester hats - yellow}

~ well I seem to be on a party theme right now

first candles, then balloons, then party hats
and now court jester hats

they actually evolved from the party hats

I had one of the rectangle pieces in my hand from a party hat
and being a quiller - started to curve the end around my finger 
and a light bulb went off

and that is how the court jester hat was born

I have two other versions to show you next time
~ cheryl


  1. This is just great! I've often thought an entire quilled jester would be a neat project, but haven't ever taken the time to do one. Just the hat is a flash of brilliance, Cheryl!

  2. What a cute idea!! Love the colors and the happiness that the jester brings! Hugs, antonella :-)

  3. So this is evolutionary quilling! Great idea.

  4. That was one bright light bulb, those are fantastic. I think I like them even better than the party hats. Love the saying underneath too

  5. Really, really beautiful .. :)


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