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Thursday, May 26, 2011

~ surely you jest {quilled jester hats - pink}

and here are the pink court jester hats

this one is pink and blue

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

and this one is pink and purple

I love all of the different colour combinations you can come up with

and I thought I would show you how I raised the mat piece 
off of the card with a tight coil of quilling paper

I used to use sponge tape squares and found that they would flatten after a while
but not with quilling paper {and it is cheaper too}

ok so now I have the party hats, balloons and candles 
time for maybe some cake and attire....hmmmmmm

thanks for stopping by
~ cheryl


  1. I love the pink. You just come up with the cutest things.
    Love the idea of using the coils instead of the sponge tape. very clever.

  2. I love the whimsy of these jester hats- all the colours look fabulous :) So cute!


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