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Monday, June 20, 2011

~ father's day memory card {quilled fish}

~ hope everyone had a great father's day

here is the card that I made for my dad
the picture I used is of the two of us
and my dad is making a face which reminds me of a blow fish

 so that is the theme I went with
hence the quilled fish {not really a blow fish but it still works)
and the *fintastic* sentiment

Also here are some pictures of his gift
with a neat idea on how to put ribbon on gifts for guys

I made two father's day memory cards so I will  show the other one tomorrow



  1. Great ideas, Cheryl! That tie is brilliant and I bet your dad loved the card.

  2. Great picture, and the quilled fish goes so well with the picture, also love the bow on the gift, so cool!!!!

  3. "A fintastic day" that is the cutest sentiment I've ever seen. you are so good at coming up with those. Awesome idea with the ribbon on the gift too

  4. I love the fish and you look so cute yourself in the picture.

  5. such a cute little fish- great use of sentiments and images together for this sweet card :)

  6. Lovely card! Love the picture! The fish is very sweet and the ribbon of the gift looks great!

  7. I love Hootie and the Blowfish! And I love this card so much! I also think it's so cool the way you wrap the present with the ribbon like that...I've never seen anything like that before! Love it!


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