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Thursday, June 16, 2011

~ handmade birthday card #2 {for me}

 ok so here is the second {and I think} hilarious card 
my little brother made for me for my birthday

he has been making a habit for the past few years of locking himself away 
in my craft room and making people handmade cards

and last year he started a blog called cardsbycherylsbrother
but has yet to post anything on it

I think he secretly likes to quill because that is what he always goes for first
if you can't tell....the quilling on the top says HAPPY but he got tired after the second P

and he didn't want to use anything that he thought I would need 
so somewhere he found broken buttons and glued them on
{I could not believe he found broken buttons in my craft room but he did}

 and the inside of the card is just as interesting as the outside
he is getting very creative making us guess what the gifts are


and my guess was I am fallen down drunk under a tree
he said you got it....and whipped out a liquor store gift card
{I am thinking he has missed his calling with drawing}

I made him his own watermark too so I hope to see it on his blog someday
and of course he has his tag line on the back of the card
don't you just love this card from my little brother??

and did I mention he was 35...the cards just keep getting better
maybe he will make a post on his blog now

so this is just a lesson for everyone who thinks that they 
can't make a card for someone who is a cardie
because both of the handmade cards were the best gifts of all

thanks Cathy and Rich
~ cheryl


  1. this is the best card ever... it brought such a huge smile on my face early morning !!! :-)...

  2. This is so, so cute! You have a great brother! I love this card and pictures! He should really start to make some more cards and post something on his blog.

  3. This is fantastic! How hilarious that the quilling kind of peters out, and the broken buttons are too funny. I kept wondering how old is this kid?! Then I saw his terrific handwriting and the gig was up. Yes, yes, he must blog... I would read it!

  4. A great card, he should post it, love the letters and colors!!

  5. Oh my goodness! What a super funny card! Your brother must be a hoot, and super creative! Great guess on your part. Hugs, antonella :-)

  6. Hi Cheryl, This is Christine Viana from Little bugs & Things, I just love your cards and I have a few more to order form you which I will email you. I have just started working on my blog so you can see some of my accessories I have made. Thanks for all the help in the store and for the idea of starting my own blog.


  7. Very Funny Card... P.S. If you need help with your drinking your gift just call me...

  8. Thanks for all of the wonderful comments about my hand made cards...

    and LC according to the picture I was supposed to drink it all and fall under a that is what I did.

  9. This just made me laugh. So cute. With creativity like this I think your brother would make a great blogger. I'm picturing a 35 year old guy hiding in a craft room making this card and I now have a case of the giggles

  10. Omigoodness! This is so much fun... thanks for sharing! :)


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