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Friday, June 17, 2011

~ quilled flower birthday card

~ good morning

I always love it when I have a quilled piece already made
for those last minute cards

you might remember this flower from this post 
when I quilled it, I made a few extra

so when my mom needed a quick card the other day 
this was the perfect piece for the card

I printed the sentiment, added the quilled piece
along with a bit of ribbon

and in less than 10 minutes the card was done
eazy peezy

~ cheers


  1. Easy peezy and it looks like a million bucks. So much better than any store bought card too. I really do love that flower

  2. Love that type of flower, and the sentiment is lovely!!

  3. So beautiful! And I just love the colour!

  4. oooh... gorgeous flower, Cheryl! Really love it!


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