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Friday, July 15, 2011

~ canning

ok so that was a little longer than monday but it sure was a nice break
but now it is time to get back to blogging

I was off work this week and I was doing things other than quilling
{yes there are other things}
like going out for lunch, going out for dinner, having family stay, going shopping in the US 
{always a thrill for us Canadians especially since our dollar is better}
....and canning

taking these.... 

 ...and adding this

  ....boiling like this

 ...using these

....and voila
you have strawberry, raspberry and tripple berry jam....yum

don't worry....I haven't stopped quilling
next time I will have a quilling project to show you that I was asked to make

 ps...I have been reading some of your blog post but am a little lost with the 
new blogger dashboard so I am still getting my feet wet with it

I'll get used to it soon
~ cheryl


  1. I have a very large craving for fresh made jam now :) It looks delicious. I've never tried canning, it always looked like too much work.
    It sounds like you had a nice week off. we all need that now and then. I've got a week vacation coming the first of August

  2. I love summer fruit! Good for you doing all that canning - I bet you'll love having the jars to open in the dead of winter.

    My kids tell me I resist change, but seriously... I liked the dashboard just fine the way it was!

  3. OMG!!! I' m ready to eat!! Where is my big spoon??:-)

  4. Looks so yummy, send some my way,lol

  5. Oh, Cheryl, it looks so yummy. And your talent for taking photos... alway there (even after a vacation :)))


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