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Sunday, July 17, 2011

~ framed quilled owl

 ~ good morning
one of my great repeat customers {Amanda} recently asked me to make 
her a larger white quilled owl with a hint of grey that was about 5" x 3" wide 

after going back and forth via email we had it figured out what she wanted 
I made one using 1/8" wide quilling paper which I was happy with it and thought she would like it too

here it is {after I framed it}
 but I had some 1/4" quilling paper on my desk and a light went off in my head
if it was really cute in the 1/8" wide quilling paper it would be SUPER CUTE in the 1/4" quilling paper

......and it is
I love the one made with the wider paper and so did Amanda

and can you believe I forgot to take pictures of it
but Amanda was kind enough to let me borrow her finished piece {thanks Amanda}

I think I am going to have to make more of these little gems

~ hope your day is a HOOT


  1. oh yes, definitely have to make more of those. They are terrific. I've always liked owls

  2. Awsome, love it, definitely have to make more!!!!!

  3. Great design and I love the woven background. Is it grosgrain ribbon?

  4. thanks everyone....yes Ann it is woven grosgrain ribbon on the frame.


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