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Sunday, January 1, 2012

~ an amazing gift

~ hello and 
happy new year

I took a {much longer than intended} break but now I am back
and there is no better way to start off my posts for the new year than with this

amazing gift

from Suzana at Quilling with fun

Suzana and I have been emailing 
back and forth for a while now 
and in those emails I mentioned 
that I no longer wanted some 
of my word rubber stamps
so she wanted to buy 
them from me

as it turns out her brother lives a 25 minute drive from where I do 
which is quite amazing to me since Suzana is from Serbia and I am from Vancouver, Canada

her brother came to my house to pick up the stamps so I didn't have to mail them
so I thought I would send Suzana a quilled sheep

 and in return she sent me this 

I was in shock at how personalized it was 
starting with cards by cheryl nested between the two edges of the C
then on to the bird cage and bird, just like I have on my mantle...

but my most favourite part is the little stand I put my cards 
on to take my pictures and the miniature quilled sheep card
{just like my real one}

I was in shock to say the least and am thinking of a way to repay her generosity

the pictures did not turn out as well as I had liked because the paper 
in the background {though wonderful in real life}
looks washed out but her quilling still looks fantastic

thanks sooooo much Suzana
I think it is going to be an amazing year

~ cheryl


  1. Congratulations to receive such an amazing gift! I love her creations.

  2. awww!! what a wonderful and lovely gift! cheers to friendship among quillers!

  3. I do envy you Cheryl. This is such a beautiful gift and from such a wonderful person. And such details. Congratulations.

  4. You must be happy and nice surprised receiving such an gorgeous gift!I like so much her ideea!

  5. wow congratulations! wonderful!
    Greetings Baukje

  6. WOW!!! What a beautiful gift!!! You are so fortunate, as this is such an incredible gift!
    Hope this is the beginning of an awesome year for you!
    antonella :-)

  7. Wow!!!beautiful and creative!!!amazing gift!

  8. Welcome back and Happy New Year to you. What an amazing piece that is. I would call that a gift of Love. It's so personalized and absolutely perfect.

  9. Dear Cheryl,
    I've been missing your posts and yours "good morning's" so it's good to see you are back to blogging. I hope you had a good, well deserved, rest.

    I have to say, because you were too kind to mention it, that first I received an amazing gift from you that can't be explained otherwise but as good deed. You are such a good person...I wish and I hope I'll deserve to be called as your friend and to be able to respond to your friendship in the same way as your good intentions are: truly honestly and unselfishly.

    It was such a pleasure to make something for you and I'm very pleased you liked it. This one you got from me is just a small way to express my gratitude.

    I've been thinking a whole day how to put my feelings into words and this is the best way I could do. But one thing is for sure: your friendship and your kindness are one of the most valuable things that happened me and that's something that can't be measured! I hope it will last.


  10. SO trademark Suzana! Lucky you Cheryl! I absolutely LOVE the gift! :)

  11. It is so nice to be missed… wonder when you start blogging if anyone is even going to read it.

    Suzana, you are such a good person and it shows through in your quilling. You are very thoughtful and each gift you give shows this. I still go back and look at your past projects like the timeline you did for your mom and the M that looks like a house and am truly amazed at your work. That is the gift you have given to everyone else…..

    I am so happy we were able to connect through quilling and am sure it will last years to come.
    I get joy every time I look at my C……

    Your friend,

  12. Cheryl, sharing your wonderful gift. I was blessed by the even better gift of friendship that you and Suzana have. You both are so taleted I love looking at what you create.

  13. This is an amazing gift, so filled with details and I can see with love for friendship and quilling! Is so great to see how quilling is erasing the distances in miles and born a beautiful friendship between two great souls!
    And for sure you were missed, Cheryl! I love to start my day with your wonderful and so simple and elegant projects! But a break is needed from time to time, especially on busy times:)

  14. Cheryl, what a great gift you received! Congratulations!
    Thank you for comments on my works, it's very pleasant! I love you clean and simle card style! It's so sophisticated and delicate!
    Greatings from Poland!

  15. OMG Cheryl, that is gorgeous; what an exciting gift to receive. I keep looking at all the detail in it. Lovely.


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