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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

~ co-worker's gifts

~ good morning 

now that I am back I guess I should dig into all of the posts I have waiting in the wings 

It took me quite a while to edit the pictures and load them up into drafts so 
now all they need to finish them off are the here goes the first one

I thought I would start off with the little gifties I gave out for Christmas at work this year might remember from this post that last year I gave everyone a sheep 

and this year they all received Angle Ornaments
I don't think any two were alike...just like snowflakes

I put them in a really cute, red, tiangle box but 
{if you can belileve it} I forgot to take a picture of the box

we also do a cookie/bar/goodie exchange so I packaged them all up together 
in a cute little white bag with lots of ribbon {working in a packaging store I have access to it all}

 ...and this is what they looked like

I came home with some amazing stuff myself and lots and lots of goodies
I took a pictures of the individual angels up close and will share them with you really soon

~ cheryl


  1. Fabulous work, Cheryl!!! So beautiful angels, I love embossed dress, looks so elegant.Great work!!!

  2. Those angels are beautiful. Your packages look amazing too.

  3. You've done great again this year!
    Greetings Baukje

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, and packages are beautiful too.

  5. gorgeous angels, love angels, you can hand them out all year round. Beautiful packaging, very cheerful, love it!!!!

  6. Good morning! Your co-workers must have been trilled receiving your gorgeous angels! Looking forward to see more stuff you made!


  7. love your angels!! really nice!

  8. And now your co-workers must wait another year for something as beautiful as your angels :)Lovely angels!

  9. The little angels are so beautiful and lovely! I am sure your coworkers were delighted to receive so sweet gifts!


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