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Friday, July 26, 2013

~ Clement & Sabrina {quilled wedding sheep part 2}

 ~ here is part 2 of the sheep inspired items for a wedding in Paris
 this card is a single sheep with black head and feet
 they are a set of special cards for the couple 
to hand out to family
 when I am quilling for a wedding I always get a little nervous that 
the bride is disappointed with how I interpret her vision
 and these turned out super cute so I was happy with them and the guest book too
BUT  check out my next post 

because these next little darlings were the iciing on the cake
that's why I saved them for last 

you're gonna L.O.V.E them


  1. Beautiful package presentation. Even the font is elegant! Adorable 3D sheep. My 8 y/o grand daughter says AHHHH! Love-Love :)

  2. Super cute what a fun idea.

    Regards diane


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