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Monday, October 11, 2010

HAPPY THANKSGIVING...and I have been profiled

 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving honour of today here is a turkey I 'cooked' up recently. Not as tasty as the real thing but a lot cuter.

and also stop by the blog, all things paper. Ann has graciously profiled my quilling and the post she did for me is fantastic....thanks again Ann. You can check it out here.....all things paper: Quilled Nativity

Happy Turkey day


  1. Your turkey is wonderful, I just love it. I read the post on Ann's blog earlier today. She always post the most impressive and inspiring things. It was her blog that first got me interested in quilling. Congrats on the feature there.

  2. hi cheryl. thx for the visiting ;) nice to know u n love ur work :)

  3. Congratulations on getting featured on All Things Paper, Cheryl! It's a great profile, and I love your turkey too.

  4. Oh Cheryl,I love that turkey! Its so cute and creative. You have put me in the mood to do some quilling again. I think I might just do that later today. I love, love, love your quilled turkey.

  5. You are AMAZING----I'm off to check out the profile!!

  6. Congrats Cheryl, on the feature! You totally deserve it. I love the white turkey, looks so simple and yet it is so delicate, and beautiful! Love the brown card as well - it fits the turkey oh so perfectly!


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