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Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nativity has arrived....

Good morning readers
It looks like the white nativity has made it safely from Surrey, BC in Canada to Kedah Darul Aman in Malaysia. I am happy to see it arrived safe and sound and Lin can't stop smiling.

You can read about it in Lin's post here

I don't have anything new to's that time of year when all I make is Nativities and try to keep up with the holiday demands but I did take a few pictures of my mantle decorated for Christmas. I love the classic look of red, white and a hint of silver so that is what I did again this year.
this red glittered tree was made with styrofoam and Martha glitter

I like the look of Christmas balls sitting in a clear container

my nativity
Santa and Mrs. Claus I knit quite a few years ago
Have a great day


  1. wow, i wish i could come visiting you house during christmas! ♥ ^__^v

  2. Oh so beautiful! I agree with Ahmad... sign me up for a visit to your house. :) And you knit too - Santa and the Mrs are wonderful!

  3. I really like your red and white decorations. I'm with Ahmad and Ann, sign me up for the tour too :)

  4. Hi Cheryl,
    Your mantle looks wonderful and I always love your photography!!

  5. hehe, dearies. call me As (pronounce as 'ask' without k) ahmad is my father's name ;)

    oh how i wish i could be near! we can go together! any homemade cookies, cheryl? ;)

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  7. Oh you guys are funny...if you were to pan back a bit in the photos you would see the mess around the house and the hockey gear all over the place. The illusions of pictures...that's why I take them so close (hehehe)

    I do knit Ann...started a long time ago but since I learned to quill I have mostly put my needles away. As, that is one thing I don't like to do is cook or bake....but I love to eat it. I am lucky to have someone in my life who's passion is cooking so that works well with me.

  8. The Santa and Mrs Claus are so adorable! I'd love to join the tour, too ;)


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