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Friday, January 21, 2011

Quilled Hearts

~ good morning

thought I would show you how I am packaging the quilled hearts that I am selling on my etsy site.  I printed my watermark 8 times on the front side of an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of card-stock. Then I printed a blurb on the back on how to use the hearts and then cut out business card size pieces.

The dilemma was how to adhere the hearts to the card-stock and still be able to get them off without breaking them. I tried a lot of different applications but the best adhesive was  removable glue dots. I rolled the dots onto the business card in four places, ran my finger across each one to remove some of the stickyness and attached the hearts to keep them in place. Then put each set in a protective sleeve.

I had a non-crafty family memeber try to take the hearts off and they had no problems. I hope that is the same for anyone who buys them {I don't want any broken hearts...not this close to valentine's day anyway - hehe}~

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  1. Great packaging -- effective and very professional. I wish you well with your sales.

  2. What good ideas! And righto... we can't have any broken hearts this close to Val Day!

  3. oh no, broken hearts would not be good :)
    The packaging looks great, good idea.

  4. Great idea. I think people will love it.


  5. It's a great idea Cheryl! I've been looking high and low on how to pack them nicely, and this is definitely the best solution! Love it!

  6. Lovely cards and lovely words!


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